No Surprises Species





* Note that this is only a partial list of the over 400 species affected nationwide.

Compiled by the National Endangered Species Network,
30 N. Raymond Avenue, Suite 303, Pasadena, California. 91103 (626) 744-9931

American Bald Eagle
threatened bird
American Peregrine Falcon
endangered bird
California Condor
endangered bird
California Brown Pelican
endangered bird
Red Cockaded-Woodpecker
endangered bird
Northern Spotted Owl
endangered bird
California Least Tern
endangered bird
Light-Footed Clapper Rail
endangered bird
Greater Sandhill Crane
endangered bird
Nightingale Reed-Warbler
endangered bird
Golden Cheeked Warbler
endangered songbird
Western Snowy Plover
threatened bird
Coastal California Gnatcatcher
threatened song bird
Marbled Murrelets
threatened bird
Western Burrowing Owl
rare migratory bird
Aleutian Canada Goose
endangered migratory bird
Least Bell’s Vireo
endangered migratory song bird
Southwestern Willow Flycatcher endangered migratory song bird
Loggerhead Shrike rare bird
Swainson’s Hawk rare bird
Bank Swallow rare bird
White-Faced Ibis rare bird
Tri-colored Blackbird rare bird
Black Capped Vireo songbird
Gray Wolves endangered mammal
Grizzly Bears endangered mammal
San Joaquin Kit Fox endangered mammal
Colombian White-Tailed Deer mammal
Southwestern Arroyo Toad endangered amphibian
Red-Legged Frog threatened amphibian
Northwestern Pond Turtle rare animal
Western Spadefoot Toad rare animal
Riverside Fairy Shrimp endangered aquatic animal
San Diego Fairy Shrimp endangered aquatic animal
Vernal Pool Fairy Shrimp aquatic animal
Conservancy Fairy Shrimp aquatic animal
Vernal Pool Tadpole Shrimp aquatic animal
Midvalley Fairy Shrimp aquatic animal
Quino Checkerspot Butterfly endangered insect animal
Delhi Sands Flower-Loving Fly endangered insect animal
Oregon Silverspot Butterflies insect animal
Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle endangered insect animal
Stephen’s' Kangaroo-Rat endangered rodent
Pacific Pocket Mouse endangered rodent
San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat endangered rodent
Mojave Ground Squirrel endangered rodent
Giant Kangaroo Rat endangered rodent
San Joaquin Antelope Squirrel rodent
Short-Nosed Kangaroo Rat rodent
Desert Tortoise threatened animal
Giant Garter Snake endangered reptile
California Tiger Salamander rare reptile
Blunt-Nosed Leopard Lizard endangered reptile
Micronesian Megapod endangered
Santa Ana River Woolly Star endangered endemic wildflower
Laguna Beach Dudleya endangered succulent wildflower
Santa Monica Mountains Dudleya endangered succulent wildflower
Del Mar Manzanita endangered
Salt Marsh Bird’s Beak endangered
San Diego Button Celery endangered
California Orcutt Grass endangered
San Diego Mesa Mint endangered
Otay Mesa Mint endangered
Encinitas Baccharis threatened
San Diego Thorn-Mint rare/proposed
Coastal Dunes Milk Vetch rare/proposed
Nevin’s Barberry rare/proposed
Thread-Leaved Brodiaea rare/proposed
Otay Tarplant rare/proposed
Willowy Mondardella rare/proposed
Prostrate Navarretia rare/proposed
Dehesa Bear-Grass rare/proposed
Blochmann’s Dudleya rare
Delta Tule Pea rare
Sanford’s Arrowhead rare
Palmate Bird’s Beak plant
Slender Orcutt Grass
Hairy Orcutt Grass
Sacramento Orcutt Grass
Recurved Larkspur wildflower
Hoover’s Eriastrum endangered wildflower
Bogg’s Lake Hedge-Hyssop rare
Legenere rare
Ahart’s Dwarf Flax
Coho Salmon aquatic (fish)
Bull Trout endangered species, aquatic (fish)
Steelhead Trout endangered species, aquatic (fish)
Yaqui Chub endangered species, aquatic (fish)
Yaqui Catfish threatened species, aquatic (fish)
Yaqui Form Of Longfin Dace unlisted species, aquatic (fish)